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Matthias Gamble

"The Son of Grand Eden's celebrated liberator, Therodore Gamble, and the latest addition to the Silver Elite. He is known to his enemies as the Phoenix of Grand Eden. "

—Official description

"This world... it isn't a place for heroes... Not anymore."


Matthias Gamble
Matthias Axxel Gamble (formerly named Axxel, Thackery, and Lucas Gamble) is the 20 year old lead male protagonist of the Chapter One story line. He is the son of Grand Eden's celebrated hero Theodore Gamble, whom died liberating Grand Eden from the reign of its tyrant king Ydros Astor. His mother was Yuna Gamble whom was a known healer during his father's battle against the forces of the king.

Matthias seeks to define his own path in the world, free from the shadow of his father, whom he blame for the hardship of a life growing up alone.  


At a young age, Matthias was very care free and playful. Though his father was barely around, he loved him very much and spent as much time as possible with him. Matthias was very close to his parents who sought to create a better world for him and protected him from any knowledge of the civil war that was going on between the entirety of Grand Eden and King Ydros Astor who was a tyrant. 

As a young adult, Matthias chooses to keep his mind in the present and live for the moment as he aims to become the strongest warrior in all of Grand Eden. He can be very overconfident often believing he can accomplish the near impossible. His strong resolve causes him to often forget his manners due to his constant pursue of his goals. He has few friends, but the friends he do have are loyal and protective of him. Those who do not know him can feel that he's rude at times.

When near beautiful women, Matthias can be a tease, though it's not always clear if he realizes it.

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The Island of Teirist is coming

The Island of Teirist Demo

The Island of Teirist

Currently in development. This demo is player's first step into the true world of Amaranthine Story. The demo will showcase some basic features and acts more as a proof of concept in hopes of securing a future for the full game. The demo will be initially released on the PC. There is hope for the demo to appear on the PS4 Network and the Xbox One Market in the future, however this has not been made official.

The demo was initially developed using the Unity 4 engine and while the build was completed, creator David Daniels began to redevelop the game using Unreal Engine 4. This was a move that was highly debated by David and in the end be believed he could do more using UE4 which proved to be a great move. A beta test of the game before the demo's completion will be available soon and will end in October 2015. This beta will serve as a test of the different features and will have fans helping identify bugs and gameplay issues before the beta. This will allow the beta to be more fun and less about testing the features.

Island of Teirist Story

The empire of Ivendale seeks to expand their boarders across the ocean to the second largest Kingdom in the world... Grand Eden. For years the two power house nations have been at a standstill always nearing the call for war. In an attempt to bring peace and ease the tension that can be felt across the world, Grand Eden's King Sterling Astor and the Sultan of Ivendale agreed to meet to discuss the potential for a peace treaty. King Sterling's card being to offer his daughter and heir to the throne of Grand Eden Princess Juliet Le Freya Astor.

Days before the discussion of the treaty, Silver Elite Captain Doxis discovers that the Ivendale militia has unearthed an ancient temple where a Nexus Crystal may be found. If the crystal exists, Grand Eden will fall to Ivendale's crushing power. By the command of the King, Silver Elite members Ionis, Zeil, Matthias, and Captain Doxis are sent on a covert mission to retrieve it without allowing Ivendale to identify them or war will be declared, however, while on their way to the deserts of Ivendale, a powerful storm knocks them off course and sends Matthias crashing into an island before the others could find him.

The beta will be free to play and new builds can be downloaded 2 weeks early by Patreon funders. The initial release will be available early to those that have previously funded the campaigns and will be made available to the public later.

New builds will become available often, but will end in October. The demo is planned to be released in April/ May 2016.

Development for the full game depends on the success of the demo and will hopefully begin 2017 or 2018.

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