This article is about a title that's still to be released. Some of the information is likely to change.

Amaranthine Story Chapter One is the very first game in the Amaranthine Story series. Beginning as a story called "A Traveler's Adventure", the story was written and rewritten multiple times over the course of 10 years till its current state. The full story would span over the course of 6 - 7 games. The game is currently not in development, but a demo for the game is being developed as a proof of concept. From August to October an open beta is taking place which will allow fans to help shape the game in it's early state. The writer and creator David Daniels is currently the only game designer working on the game.

Gameplay Edit

The game is sent in a world made of 6 continents, several large islands, and a few small islands. Players will be able to cross the world through various means of transportation ranging from land crafts to hover crafts to mounting beasts and air crafts. Players will be able to control most of the transportation while other forms such as trains and other more public forms will be uncontrollable.

Battles are real time with no transitions. An encounter can happen on the field and the UI will appear allowing players to begin combat. Some monsters will suddenly appear while others are apart of the living environment. In the game's current state, players will be able to switch between the various party members during battle. Those not being controlled by the player will use AI until being switched to. There is planned to have all party members on the field at most of the time, but this may be switched out in the final game for a system that will keep 2 party members on standby, joining the battle temporarily to aid the player.

The player will be able to summon beings to aid them in battle called Fantaseans. The act of summoning them is called Manifesting and it is done using Nexus Crystals. Fantaseans come in different levels of power and different sizes. There are different levels of manifestations which delivers different effects, skills, weapons and finally full manifestation. To obtain a Nexus Crystal, one must undergo a trial to earn an audience with the Fantasean. These trials will vary and can be very difficult.

Battle System Edit

The battle System is called Action Cinematic Battle System which contains different systems that come together to form it. The idea was to create a battle system that would play out like an action game + RPG + a movie that the players could really enjoy. It was the idea of this system that caused the game's development to move from Unity to the Unreal Engine 4 and the use of the powerful blueprint scripting.

The idea is that the battle would be seamless with no loading and will take place in the real environment on the map using the entire world for battles. Partial inspiration for a system like this came from MMORPG Guild Wars 2 and the way the world feels alive. In Guild Wars 2, random events can happen that can completely change portions of the map and cause massive battles to take place. It was the ability to accomplish this feature that led to a lot of decisions on how battles will work.

Aerial attacks play an important role in taking on enemies that fly or hover above the player. They will happen automatically by launching an enemy or jumping while attacking. Aerial attacks are different than normal attacks and a different combo will play when aerial attacks are triggered. Jump attacks are sometimes key to defeating large enemies.

Monsters even of the same species come in different sizes and can utilize different skills. This is to promote strategy as defeating 2 of the same enemies may require 2 different methods. Enemies can sometimes differ depending on the time of day. Enemies at night are usually stronger than those during the day and surprise attacks are more likely to occur at night.

The Battle System utilizes HP (Hit Points), MP (Magic Points), and NRG (or Energy). Magic consumes MP and special skills as well as some Abilities consumes NRG. When consumed, they will regenerate, but at a very slow pace. One feature that is being considered is the ability to regen health and having the rate increase as the character grows stronger. This may not appear in the final game.

Developing collaborative attacks Edit

One of the largest features of this battle system is the ability to seamlessly stream collaborative attacks between party members with high affinity. This powerful ability will rely on the player to venture into each character's stories really developing each character and their relationships with each other. Once able, the player will be able to execute the Arkham system within the battle system and which will allow players to seamlessly switch between characters during battles delivering massive collaborative combos. This system is heavily inspired by Batman Arkham Knight and Marvel Cinematic The Avengers.

The World Edit

The world of Chapter one is called Unelma (etymology: Finnish for Dream). It is a hybrid world similar to our own with cars, cities, towns, and some fashion, but it also contains medieval elements, futuristic elements, and elements straight from fantasy. The game's goal is to bring this fusion world to life in its own way and allow the player to embrace a world of possibility away from the restraints of our own reality. This is the reason the world was named Dream World.

Various locations around Unelma draws inspiration from real world locations. There is a completion reward for 100% completing the game which includes seeing all the world has to offer. This may be a daunting task as the largest island is 4 times the size of Skyrim. The estimated size of Unelma will be completely massive, testing the belief that UE4 can achieve infinite worlds.

The game is planned to be an seamless open world with vast fields, mountains, forests, frozen tundras, and more. It will be a living world that will be completely explorable with no invisible walls.

Characters Edit

Playable Characters Edit

  • Matthias Gamble - The boy who's father saved Grand Eden and brought King Sterling Astor to power. Matthias chooses to keep his mind in the present and live for the moment as he aims to become the strongest warrior in all of Grand Eden. He can be very overconfident often believing he can accomplish the near impossible. His strong resolve causes him to often forget his manners due to his constant pursue of his goals. He has few friends, but the friends he do have are loyal and protective of him. Those who do not know him can feel that he's rude at times. He is not a jerk, he is often misunderstood and has to be forced into taking a break from his goals for fun.
  • Juliet Le Freya Astor - Daughter of King Sterling and Princess of Grand Eden. Juliet is confident in herself, but not her future. Due to her past, she is mildly disconnected to the world which hinders her confidence in taking control of a kingdom that will rely on her. She does not know the world and its people.
  • Callon - Callon is of the race of Hagduins. He is the only Hagduin that has joined the world outside of their home. Much is not known about Callon's history, but he was first discovered by Princess Juliet as children. Callon is 2nd in command of the Sapphire Guards and serves as Princess Juliet's personal bodyguard. Callon's past with Juliet is what motivates him to live for her and protect her well after she becomes Queen of Grand Eden.
  • Bjolan Karlson - Bjolan is the king of the Jotun race. From the Continent of Bin Darohm, King Bjolan is the biggest of his race. Bjolan believes heavily in honor and peace, despite his race's known history of war. Bjolan in his youth was known as the eradication king for an horrible event that haunts him.
  • Nova Vinter - Nova is a young mercenary with ties to the criminal known as Thevious. She is wanted in both Grand Eden and Ivendale and not much is known about her. Nova is a girl who's motivation is unkown, but when she accepts a job, the mission is always successful. Though she is wanted, it is often overseen due to the fact that both nations have hired her for various jobs.
  • Tomiji - A mysterious monk trusted by the king. For some reason, Tomiji has not aged a day beyond 20. His real age is unknown, but it is believed to be tied to his magic. Tomiji calls himself the last of his temple and though his past seems troubled, he is a fun loving and friendly person.
  • Fiorella "Fio" Rosalti - a former member of the Silver Elite with a unique power that is mostly not understood due to its rarity. Fio suddenly disappeared a year before the events of Teirist.
  • Isabella Rosalti - Isabella is the older sister of Fio and former member of the Silver Elite. She too disappeared a year before the events of Teirist.
  • Willow - A young women native to southern Grand Eden. She is a loud mouth, hot headed women with a sweet side. She has a hard time trusting the Astor Family due to the former king Ydros Astor.
  • Noel - A man retired from the Ruby Guards of Grand Eden. He lives as a shipping transporter piloting a small but fast airship to various locations on Grand Eden. He lives his life not thinking about the past and the horrible events that occurred while he served. He has dedicated his life to making up for the events of the past.

Supporting Cast Edit

  • Theodore Gamble - The hero of Grand Eden and Matthias' father. Theodore Gamble died from his injuries after his final battle with Ydros Astor.
  • Yuna Gamble - Matthias' mother. Yuna was a very talented healer even praised by the infamous Alester.
  • King Sterling Astor - Current King of Grand Eden, Father of Juliet, and son of the tyrant king Ydros Astor. King Sterling ran away from home as a young boy afraid of his father's madness. Discovered by a young man named Theodore, He rose to power forming a powerful force that would take on his father's militia and lead to him taking the throne.
  • The Sultan of Ivendale - A ruthless ruler known for his greed for money and power. His rise to power is questionable.