Amaranthine Story Rise of the True Astor King is a full length title that serves as a backstory to the main series' first game. It will be available for PC, Mac, , IOS, Android, and Web Browser. This title was announced in celebration of RPG Maker's new upcoming engine titled MV in which creator David Daniels has used since the 97 engine.

Rise of the True Astor King is the backstory to Chapter One taking place 27 years before the game begins. It is estimated for a release date of late 2016 early 2017.


"When everything you've ever known is taken away from you... what do you do? What can one child do to write a wrong that the world has delt him? Can one child stand before a world of oppression, maddness, and death to cause change?"

—Official Backstory

The overactive imagination of young Theodore places him in a world where he has become a powerful knight capable of ending the reign of the tyrant king Ydros Astor. When a child in torn robes appear, playtime is over and a cruel reality awaits.


Not much is known about the capability of RPG Maker MV, but there are somethings that can be confirmed. The game will play out as a classic styled RPG featuring Side view battles and and minor interactive elements outside of battles.

The entire story of the game takes place on Grand Eden, though it will not be entirely the Grand Eden that will appear in Chapter One. Over the course of the game the environment will grow and change as the game takes place over the course of Theodore's life until his death. Major cities and technology will not appear the same in this game and some locations will be vastly different.

Transportation has not been determined, but will at the very least be limited to walking and running. Players will be able to freely travel across Grand Eden, but will not be able to leave. The game will likely not be open world, but may have a classic overworld.


Theodore Gamble - A young 13 year old boy with an overactive imagination and a life goal of becoming a powerful warrior.

Yuna le Delacroix - A beautiful young white mage renown for her healing.

Tomiji - A wandering monk whom speaks of religious prophecies and the ways of the Lycanian Race.

Prince Sterling Astor - The son of the Mad King Ydros.

King Ydros Astor - A King whoes rise to power was prophecied by the Divine King A'Lxandr almost 2000 years ago.


The story of this game has already been written. Most of the chacters of this game has not been designed yet, and their appearence in this game will be their first. The only character that has been seen from this storyline is Theodore Gamble as an adult (likely the age of 25).