Amaranthine Story The Island of Teirist is a playable demo of Amaranthine Story Chapter One for the PC. It will be downloadable sometime between April and May of 2016. The demo will be available up until the release of the full game and may be subject to updates between its initial release and the release of the full game.

The demo tells a small story of Matthias' time stranded on the mysterious and dangerous island of Teirist. It is confirmed to be the opening of the full game which will be a fully realized and functional version of the demo. Crowd Funding

Production Credits




Director, Original Concept, Mechanical Concept, Scenario Writer, Original Story, Music, Main Programmer David Daniels
Original Character Art, Original Creative Director Valentina Remenar & Marina Remenar
Weapon Design Ieva Trainaviciute
Original Modeler Jay Abbott
3d Prop Modeler Hugh Trombley
Music Composition/ Music Development Brian Noel
Music Composition Cláudio Pina

Supporting Credits

Angel Daniels
Lune Le Fey
Starla Moore

Voice Acting Credits

Character Name VO Name
Matthias Gamble Dave Finegan (Dave the Usher)
Zeil Arbott/ Goblin King Michael Potok
Voice/ Narration Samina Aziz